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Other interesting things about miami:

Bloged in A goofy life indeed by jennylc Saturday May 27, 2006

here’s some things about miami that you might want to know:


what’s hot on Miami TV
1)commercials for nair “the less you wear, the more you need nair”
2)PSA’s about getting ready for hurricanes
3)Spanish language music videos
4)that buckle up commercial

Drugstores arrange their aisles differently here.When you walk into any CVS in Miami, the first thing you see is sunscreen, followed by razors, shaving cream, that nair I was talking about earlier, and do it yourself naughty “nads” bikini design kits.

naughty nads

Also of note, it’s so hot here that people don’t give a shit about style (although i guess that’s a style in and of itself). It’s sort of like Boston, except that the people wear shorts instead of khaki pants.

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